Anne Brems

Painting makes my life, I’m a visual thinker, more complete. Observations, experiences and life events, also from my profession as a psychologist, get translated into the images. Known and alienating elements are suggesting a magical world that appears in the works. Time, wonder, nostalgia and a touch of humour and absurdity are like a red thread in the paintings.

The choice of material is free and different. The techniques are used pure or mixed. Ink, pencils, image tranfers, acrylics are my instruments, even though oil paint always has the last word.

Already during my artistic studies, first at the Slac in Leuven, later on in the Académie des Beaux Arts de Namur and during fascinating experiences such as courses in the studios of Nina Stoupina and Jef Bertels and others, my work has been slowly developing in time. A lot of thinking and cogitating leads to commitment, relativity and I dare to experiment and occasionally to start something totally new.