Individual work

The work is figurative or abstract, often combined. Although my subject is a human being in an environment, sometimes the spectators are invited to consider themselves as the human being and only the landscape is present. The viewer is invited to explore the meaning in his or her own way because the most interesting aspect of art is what happens between the spectator and the work itself. I like working in series on a special interest at that period, mostly highly influenced by actual situations in society and in my personal life.

Working together

I love experimentation and working with other artists on small and large projects. It’s a fruitful and joyful experience which stimulates me to look to other horizons.

Global Art Project

with members of the GAP

Pushing the limits

Collaboration with a male model: Ongoing project

Landscapes: memories of a stay in Australia

Memento voor een overleden vriendin

Er is een beetje roest op mijn ziel (there’s a bit of rust on my soul)